Live Inbounds

Want Real Conversions? Not Just Clicks or Impressions.

Get live phone calls from prospects that want what you're selling!

How Does It Work?

By adding Live Inbounds as your lead vendor you can start receiving calls from interested prospects that need your product or service.

There is nothing better than a Live Phone Call from someone that is looking to buy what you're selling! Consumer driven phone calls improve your closing percentage by enormous amounts. Stop chasing down internet leads that never pick up. Let us do all the hard work so you can pick up the phone and close more deals.

✔️ Live Inbounds convert over 25X higher than Form Leads

✔️ 75% of mobile searchers use click to call to connect directly with businesses. Mobile searchgenerates more than 100 Billion calls per year.​

✔️ Live Inbounds dramatically cut down marketing cost because you never have to deal with campaigns that flop! You always pay the same price per qualified lead.​

✔️ Join over 2,000 businesses that use our live inbound calls as their primary source of marketing.

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Tom Schroeder

"Finally a marketing company that I can trust. I have hired over 10 different companies to help with lead generation and they all failed. Long contracts, expensive monthly retainers, and bad leads. I gave Live Inbounds a chance and boy am I happy. Now I only pay for real leads! No more spending money on campaigns that don't work. These guys put their money where their mouth is. I highly recommend Live Inbounds."

Crystal Decastro

"I have been using Live Inbounds calls for about 3 months now and I am really impressed. We saved over $10 per live transfer by switching and are getting higher quality calls. I would definitely recommend them! Thanks guys!!!"

Steven Randolph

"If you are looking for a marketing company you can trust, look no further. I've been flipping houses for only a year and a half.. and the best thing that has happened to my business was finding Live Inbounds 3 months into my journey. I've throw away the signs, quit doing mailers, and just wait for the phone to ring with motivated sellers looking for a cash offer! You will not be dissapointed with the lead quality at Live Inbounds."


Are the leads exclusive?

Live calls are only sold to you! With internet form leads you could be competing with between 4 & 15 other sales people for the same lead.

Are the leads live?

You are not buying a paper lead; you are buying an interested consumer on an inbound call. With paper leads you will experience that the customer is already working with someone else or you will realize the form was filled out 3 weeks ago. Those leads are never real time, with our leads the customer calls in, is prescreened and then immediately transferred.

What's your contact rate?

With many paper leads, it can take days until you are able to get the customer on the phone. Again, our leads are calling you; so you do not have to waste precious time chasing down a lost cause. You are buying an interested customer on an inbound call.

What's the conversion rate?

Due to the fact that these leads are transferred live and exclusive, they achieve the highest conversion rates in the industry. Our clients are achieving closing ratios of 15-25% of live-call transfers into sales.We also have an 82% retention rate. This means 8 out of every 10 clients that order with us stay with us long term. Building long term relationships is the main focus because when our clients succeed we succeed.

Meet Our Professional Team

The primary responsibilities of our marketing team is to deliver a service that’s so good that clients want to stay with Live Inbounds and form an ever-closer partnership. It starts with providing an excellent return on marketing investments, but it’s much more than that. It’s also about understanding the client’s business and being proactive in suggesting initiatives that will deliver real business value for the client and its owners.

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